Animockery Hero Breakdown #5


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Superhero BreakdownWhat more can any decent mortal ask for other than a battle between two plant-based super beings? If you think there is any other response to this than ” Heck yeah!”, there is a good chance you are a bastard and I would recommend reflecting upon that revelation. For the people who know good entertainment, just sit back and relax, while I tell a tale of two creatures who have unique abilities and what it would be like if the battled it out.

Most people did not know who Groot was before his surprising Hollywood Debut. This truth is not, nor should it be, THAT surprising. All this said, Groot is a fine specimen, but he is Grootvery obscure, and speaks very little words. Really, like three words, that’s it! Despite this severe vocabulary shortfall he tends to get his message across to those who matter. One of the first points about Groot is that he is a powerful fighter. Even at the galactic level he is considered quite strong. Possibly the most impressive of his abilities is regeneration, he is a plant after all. Each of these abilities are well and good but what ties it all together is his intelligence, I mean he is actually pretty freaking smart. This is demonstrated seen through his creative use of the abilities he has. If not for the Guardians of The Galaxy movie I would have easily said Swamp Thing is far more recognized.

Times have changed my friends and now I would say Swamp Thing is closer to a cult following. Needless to say I do not feel that is a bad thing. If we livedSwampy2 in the DC universe Swampy would probably prefer it that way. As for his abilities I would say that he also has strength on his side. As long as he has vegetation near him there seems little chance of a sneak attack. The ability to tap into the “green” allows him to have amazing senses. He also has the ability to control plant life, which might become a deciding factor in this match.

I honestly think that this would be an unfair fight. The only reason it caught my attention is that they are very similar and span the two major comic book universes. Groot is certainly a very cool tree and have a nice set of skills, but he is also a colossal plant species. This is likely going make him weak against Swamp Thing’s ability to control plant life. In short, Swamp Thing should have the ability to stop Groot in his tracks, you know, like the Wolverine and Magneto deal. No matter the potential victor they should let bygones be bygones and just blast “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” and groove with it.


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Tom Dorsey