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Superhero BreakdownSidekick Scuffle!

We all know that heroes come in all varieties. From the power hitter like Thor to the scraper like Green Arrow, we see a wide range of ability and intelligence. We also see nearly every type or personality. Overall, today’s world of mythical heroes offers some comparable diversity of character. What really makes things interesting, is how things play out in a story when different personalities are put together. None more interesting than the matching of hero and sidekick!

KatoToday we start the battle off Robinwith the one and only Kato, trusty life saver of the Green hornet. Kato is a personal favorite as he is not only super intelligent but a master martial artist. It also helps that his character was played by Bruce Lee in the original TV series. That also leads me to the first point of this character. Traditionally I like to speak of comic book heroes. Granted, there was an eventual comic book adaptation but Green Hornet started as a radio show. Either way he is still valid and is certainly worth our time. Like I said Kato is a genius who can whoop butt too. His expert level martial arts, calm collected mind and attention to detail make him a powerful ally and an even more powerful adversary.

Next up is the legendary sidekick Robin! For those of you that are fans you may be asking which Robin Tom? Didn’t anyone tell your noob ass that there are more than one? Shut up people, I know this, nearly everyone does. In this case I speak of Mr. Dick Grayson, the first Robin to ride shotgun with the Bat. Robin has gotten loads of grief over the years. To be perfectly honest, I think those who make fun of Robin seriously misunderstand the character. In Dick Grayson’s case he has some serious wit, enough to match Batman at times. Robin takes crime fighting serious, sometimes more than he should. His fighting skills are top-notch and his gadgetry only reinforces that fact. Thanks to a big brain and training he is capable of solving difficult puzzles.

Blow-for-blow I would say this match is easy to decide. It may not be the most favorable outcome but I am pretty sure in a battle Kato would be the victor. Robin has above normal fighting skills but he does not have the same level of experience as Kato, or Batman for that matter. As for pure intelligence Kato wins again, Robin is smart but never does he get credit for being super genius. The one area that these two sidekicks meet on equal ground would likely be tactics. Robin and Kato both seem to have an uncanny ability to evaluate the outcome of a battle. Robin’s one major advantage would be his ability to incorporate weapons and gadgets in a fight. Kato has the ability to use nearly anything as a weapon but he does not have the arsenal that comes with a utility belt.

That’s it for now folks! I hope you enjoyed this issue. Tune in again for more exciting match-ups of heroes and feel free to tell us what you think below in the comments. I am also happy to take suggestions. Any universe will do, but I do ask that it be a pair that has not fought in any official capacity.