About us

Animockery Studios is not a one person show.  Feel free to contact us with your questions and comments or in regards to your generous financial donations.  We prefer cash in large cloth sacks emblazoned with dollar symbols.  We also accept unmarked gold bars.

Tom Dorsey/Co-Founder & Editor

Alias: Animockery

Contributions: Web comic (its coming back I swear!), book reviews, Superhero Breakdown, podcast hosting/producing and occasional sketches.

About: I am a creative at heart but lack inspiration (it’s mostly a time thing). I am a father of three and husband to one. I play video games when I have the time and brain capacity. The rest of my time I devote to quality time with family and toiling away at work.

Contact Animockery:

– Twitter          – Facebook

– Email              – YouTube

Adam Duncan/Co-Founder & Editor

Alias: Adrockington

Contributions: Podcast personality, comic book reviews, 80s Warp Zone mastermind.

About: Desk jockey.  Fan of comic book culture.  Never wanted to leave the 1980s.

Ryan Jones/contributor

Alias: What’s an alias?

Contributions: Tech tips, Constantine reviews, fan fiction.

About: Jonesy – as he’s used to being called – has one of the most messed up resumes you’ll ever see.  He was a Medieval Studies major in school.  And now the classic – what ya gonna do with that?  Become a children’s entertainer of course!  And he did – juggling, acrobatics, character voices and impressions, you name it.  Once he got bored with that, what was next?  He managed a restaurant.  Did he have food experience, NO!  Bored with that he took the most logical next step, he became an IT guy.  And in all those years he’s tacked on a few kids, learned to raise and butcher his own animals, and be quite acclimated to all the variety of topics he’ll be writing on.  So enjoy the master craft from this true Jack-of-all-Trades.

5 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Thank you so much for checking out my art and watching me 😀

  2. Thanks for liking my cat sketches.

  3. Thanks guys for peeking in on WINONA, INC.

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