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The-Flash-1-1024x768For anyone that is a fan of The Flash, there is a good chance you are already enjoying the CW live actions series launched in 2014. The ‘Mighty Thor‘ knows that I am enjoying the show thoroughly. All this said, there are a few things that we should be excited about. Key mentions and events have started to hint that CW’s ‘The Flash’ could end up doing a story arc that I would be stoked to see!Spoiler-AlertTo get to the point, wait for it, I am talking about ‘The Flashpoint Paradox‘. There is no way I will pose as a knowledgeable source on The Flash, but none the less I feel like this is where the CW series is heading. Signs of this are popping up 2000px-The_CW.svgall through out the first season. The fact that, Barry and Joe are revisiting the case of Nora Allen, during which, it was revealed that an adult Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was at the scene of his mother’s death. Unknown to the rest of the crew at S.T.A.R. Labs we have seen that Dr. Harrison Wells dons the costume of the Yellow flash. We have also been led to believe that he has some connection to the future.Flash_Logo_01

The most recent “tell-tale” is that Barry has decided that he wants to break the time barrier and save his mother. It seems that everything is leading up the “The Flashpoint Paradox”. What does that mean for the CW TV Series? More importantly what does that mean for fans of the show?Grant Gustin as T

For the CW this means bringing in more talent and expanding the cast to include, not only small roles but some temporary major roles as well. They will also have to deal with all the time travel issues which can get real hairy if not done well.

Justice-League-The-Flashpoint-ParadoxAs for the fans, possibly the biggest benefit worth mentioning is Thomas Wayne,  or in this case, Batman, my personal pick for an actor would have to go to Woody Harrelson. I think he could pull off the look and the acting, which will be a tad dark. We could also see some other Justice League members such as Cyborg, but that would be easy to work around if needed. With a few tweaks, we could easily see Green Arrow more and definitely another Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) sighting.tumblr_inline_mld7d90Liu1qz4rgpI would not expect to see “The Flashpoint Paradox” really take place until season two. We would likely see a conclusion from the season one finale where Barry succeeds at saving his mother only to return to the future powerless and things are not what he expected. No matter how it turns out I am certain the events will take place on the CW series and we will all benefit from that. That is all for now friends, thanks for coming by and don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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