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Table Top

Welcome to another edition of ‘Nearly Funded’! Today, I spent some time scanning through the Games section of Kickstarter, only to discover many amazing games that are well-funded. Since this segment is not called ‘Already Funded’ I had to pass them up as a feature.

7a4c3a561d95f56d819a6c6d4c297d32_largeAfter digging further down, I was able to find a great looking project that falls close to my heart. I love table top games, I also love spending time with my kids. There are a great deal of games for youth but I am always on the prowl for more. I feel like this is a good fit and will be a great addition to table top games that are fun for all ages.

Capture: A Medieval Wargame

Capture: A Medieval Wargame has been lovingly designed by Andrew Hunzicker and has been extensively tested over many years. Art and design has been completed for the game. Capture now needs your support to advance into production and march onto your table.

Publisher: Game Salute

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