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Welcome to the next installment of Cuallacht An Feoirling – A Motorcycle Club Tale as posted on Ongoing Worlds.


Part 2: A Reason for the Interruption


Ronan and Mac followed their Secretary and Treasurer to the main warehouse. Another club man was at the door and the large sliding doors were closed. Ronan sighed, knowing something must be on the other side worth concealing.


She’s here,” the man said.


Ronan paused and looked at Mac. He shrugged and made a “whatcha gonna do” sort of face. Begrudgingly, he entered the warehouse. Sure enough, she was there.


Marissa Banks, often just called “Ma” or “Ma Banks”, was there with a devilish grin. Ronan knew that look. Someone was gonna die.


“Ma” had been your average hooker until a John cut her up one night at a sleazy motel. Ronan happened to be doing a deal in the next room and heard her screaming. He charged in, saw what was going on, and killed the man on site. They’d become “friends” since and the CF had bankrolled her little enterprise – a call girl agency that operated and catered to truckers. They had rotating codes they used over CB and Ronan’s men had facilitated deliveries. But over the years, “Ma” had become brutally protective of her girls and it looked like now was one of those cases. A man was tied up, dangling slightly from a lower rafter, his feet inches from the floor.


“He did it, Ro, he’s the one that beat up Lizzy,” Ma said.


Ronan had heard about this. Lizzy was a sweet girl and one of Ma’s best. But someone had taken offense at her rate and then refusal to proceed with his additional advances and requests of service that same night. In response, someone had beaten her up – badly. She’d probably never turn a trick again – except from a blind man, maybe.


“Okay, so why’s he here?” Ronan asked.


“Johnson and Pitoski found him, had Liz’s purse and everything. They tagged and bagged him out of courtesy to Ma and brought him here since it was so much closer to her place,” the Secretary said.


“Okay, so why is still here?” Ronan asked, perturbed.


“Because he needs to made an example of and while I hate him for hurting one my girls, I don’t have the stomach or kind of patience to give him what he deserves,” Ma interjected.


Ronan looked to his number 2, who nodded in agreement, and to his number 4 (his Secretary) who was still busy eyeing up Ma. He’d always had a thing for her.


“Fine… ‘Secretary’… you do the honors, I’ve got a barbeque to get back to hosting,” Ronan said. If he wanted to prove himself to Ma, no better time, Ronan thought. Ronan was accustomed to violence but honestly, he was craving some of J.O.’s pork ribs and didn’t want to lose his appetite for ‘em. Without a word, he turned and left.


Mac took a step back to watch. The CF’s number 4 had a glimmer in his eye and seemingly with pleasure, grabbed the nearby ax and went to work.


(News reports later would attribute the death and dismemberment of a trucker to the ‘Highway Man’ a supposed serial killer who’d left corpses hacked to pieces all over the Midwest and who had never been found. This is partially because The CF was meticulous at leaving no evidence and the remains were found several hundred miles away.)


[End of Installment]


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