It had been a very quiet drive. John hadn’t dared break the silence. His curiosity at what Perkins thought he’d get out of the ol’ witch doctor kept him quiet. They pulled up front, only the bouncer outside, and Perkins sprang out. John couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the rope opened and Perkins walk through. Shuffling along behind John ran to catch up. “What did you say to him to get him to let you in?” John asked.

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know, John. And let’s just keep it at that,” Perkins answered. He walked over to the bar, signaled the keep and immediately a pair of glasses were set down, teaspoons, sugar cubes, and a clear liquor poured over them. Perkins grabbed a match from the bar, struck it with a flick of his thumb and lit both sugar cubes. Sizzling, he tipped them into the drinks, picked up one and handed John the other.

“So you’ve never been here before,” John said joking at the lie.

Never,” Perkins answered after downing the glass in one shot.

The bartender walked back over. “He’ll see you now,” he said to Perkins. The old priest turned around and headed straight for Midnite’s office. John trailing behind, still dumbfounded. The door opened and Midnite stood, a courtesy rarely offered to John.
“How long it been, Will-yawm? Fifteen, no sixteen years I think,” Midnite posed curiously.

Seventeen,” Perkins said plainly. “It’s good to see this place hasn’t changed.”

“Oh yaw,” Midnite began. “After the quake in Nepal where you brought me them precious stones from da chasm. That was when you stopped doing field work, after seeing all them people die while you were told to get them stones.”

“Enough of the good, old days Linton. We are here about Cherry,” Perkins posed directly. Now John knew, the only thing in this ever-oddening situation, that Cherry had frequented Midnite’s. It was the only place outside of work and home she’d gone.

“Ah yes, Cherry liked to watch but was never sure what she should do. What side she should be on. But that’s all I know. After I hear she die I ask everyone here and make sure none of my patrons do it. I’m sure it none of mine. But that’s it,” Papa replied.

Not good enough,” Perkins said. He tensed a bit. Midnite sprang to his feet. There was clearly other history between these two.

“You dare challenge me!? In my house you Feeneyist!?”

“Sit down. Even after seventeen years you know how this would end,” Perkins answered unnervingly. Midnite paused a moment and then returned to his seat. “So what do you hear on the air?”

“Many things,” Midnite said coyly, not having anything else to banter with. “Things like, you lost it.” He had a grin on his face. With the same reflexes John had seen before, Perkins had dove across the table and knocked Midnite over backwards in his chair. The two were embroiled, chanting utterances few could interpret. John rushed over and pulled them apart.

STOP, okay? I don’t know what history the two of you have and I don’t care. What we need to know is, who could have the Ark now and what in the world does it have to do with Cherry’s death?”

“You aren’t making any sense. If none of them are involved then whose blood did they use? It’s not like these guys donate to the Red Cross,” John replied.

“Millennia ago the blood of one was shed, well the mixed blood of one anyway. When David killed Goliath he cut off the giants head with the Philistine’s sword. If blood remained on the blade and since Goliath was descended from the Nephilim, it is possible…”Perkins answered.

“But that was never found, the Sword of Goliath,” John stated.

“Wrong, David received it as he fled from Saul as documented in the first book of Samuel. It is unlikely that he would have misplaced it or given it away. The only logical idea is that he would have placed it somewhere no one could get to it as it would have been a prized relic,” Perkins corrected. “I would normally say that is a lot of “what-ifs” and assumptions but seeing as how the Ark has been taken and how Cherry has been killed, it seems the most logical answer.”

Before anyone could ponder another thought the room when dark. A dark form emanating in red light erupted from the ground, shaking the whole room. The lights came back on and they could see it take form, it had a little owl’s head, lion’s fore part of the body and a snake’s tail. Midnite stepped forward, “Aamon! You are not allowed in this house or in this realm! Back to abyss with you!” he shouted and a beam of white light came from Midnite’s hand. The demon deflected it easily and let out a screech that deafened all three and rendered Midnite unconscious.
WHO KILLED MY SON!” the best roared. In an instant, the beast had turned into a man, and telekinetically had Perkins and John lifted by their throats in the air. “WHO KILLED MY SON!” the now man yelled.

John could tell Perkins was about to lose consciousness as he was. Then a white light he assumed was his impending death filled the room. But then the light took shape and a winged angel materialized. He flew directly into Aamon and struck him. This caused his hold on John and Perkins to subside. An ethereal line was drawn in the room, both light and dark. Thunder boomed and Aamon kneeled. Lightening crackled and so did the Angel.

The Angel stood at a second crackle of lightening and with a wave of his hand Aamon melted into oblivion. He cast a look of warning on the others as he dissipated. Nonchalantly, the angel turned and checked on the three humans. Everyone was none the worse for wear.

Michael,” Perkins sputtered, “what was that about?”

“Someone has slain Aamondaeus – the son of Aamon. He wasn’t supposed to be here but was on observation orders only, so God allowed it. For all his powers, even he didn’t know who his neighbor was. That’s where you’ll find him. I suggest you go there next,” Michael replied. And with that he began to disappear.

“Michael, wait!” Perkins tried to stay the angel but it was too late.

There was a long silence. John spoke up first, “You don’t think he could have meant…he wasn’t living next to…?” Perkins just shrugged in reply and headed out of the room.

“This is worse than we thought. Someone has declared war on Heaven AND Hell,” Perkins said exiting.

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