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Screen-Shot-2014-11-07-at-11.48.23-AM-640x417 I have drawn as long as I can remember but it has been inconsistent and I have not really been that inspired. I feel the pull to create again and I owe some of that to Overwatch. When I saw toverwatch_0he game footage I was instantly hooked! The trailer looks amazing and very Disney/Pixar influenced. That is no surprise considering the relationship and creative respect that Blizzard and Pixar have for one another.

As for my art, I am not anywhere near the caliber of the artists working for Blizzard. That does not mean I cannot make something that excites. Having that spark come back is truly exhilarating but the real challenge is maintaining the flames that follow.

IMG_20141113_151407157Thanks for Reading,

Tom Dorsey