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Once again we get several insights into John’s past in this last week’s episode – A Feast of Friends. This has BY FAR been my favorite episode to date. Here is a short list of reasons why:

-It didn’t feel rushed.

-It didn’t feel hokey or impossible to believe.

-The characters were believable.

-They still didn’t make Zed some weird, eye-candy addition.

AND, something I have yet to comment on, Harold Perrineau, a.k.a. “Manny” wasn’t useless in this episode.

Now don’t get me wrong, Harold Perrineau is a good actor. He’s appeared in Lost, The Matrix sequels, and Oz. BUT his character in this series to date has been useless. I don’t mean in the way that he’s not supposed to intervene or give away too much of a long-reaching plotline. And I still say they tread carefully here. But in the way that he appears, offers nothing, and is just a useless, semi-famous addition.  My one outstanding grief – what’s up with the eyes?!


Oh, but this week was different. He appeared more than once, which made him more useful. He offered concern at how much effort John was spending on Zed. I took at that as him showing some consideration, without getting involved – very fitting. He posed a comment to John at one point, questioning his certainty at a course of action. Again, consideration, without getting involved – again, very fitting. Lastly, he appears at the end, and I won’t give it away though it is no shock, to play his role. He doesn’t have to in words, just with that look of his – piercing John. It forces John to accept the consequences of his actions. Which he does!


And on that note, I love that part of the show. John is increasingly becoming a resilient character who sticks to his guns, isn’t shy about who he is or is out to do, and is evolving. While he may not be the most upstanding person, something he does in this episode will make you grit your teeth a bit at him, you still accept it as necessary. And the necessity of it is clearly explained and there is no other way.


Amazing last scene

 His resolve is only furthered by his countenance in the final scene. There was some awesome acting in this episode. It’s a must watch!