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It is time for yet another segment of ‘Geek Notes’. So far I hope that people have been enjoying this little bit I have been dropping. Today I will be taking a look at an app for android devices. This started when i got sick of using the Xbox controller for things did not translate well. I try to get some game time in on this console but the truth is that my wife uses it for Netflix more than anything else. Since I hate using the standard controller for navigating Xbox menus and apps I went looking for a solution.

fdd0cd4d-5a6f-49e5-9d14-d4233714218bThe solution was Xbox SmartGlass direct from Microsoft offered through the Play store. With a price tag of $0.00, that’s right free, and an average rating of 4.1 I made an instant move on this one. It is not a huge app and it installs relatively quickly so once you download it you are ready for setup in seconds. Now I realize that I am not reviewing anything super new here nor is the Xbox a recent console but I feel the need to talk about this. As I said before I am a geek and a father with a full time career, I understand time constraints and lack of free-time. A simple app like this is one of those small items that can make life a little easier and even save a few precious minutes in your day.smartglass-app

When you decide you want to try this you will find that set up is really easy. Is all you need is your Xbox, a live account and that’s about it. First time booting up it will ask for your account info, make sure your Xbox is one and once you enter your info the app should connect and you will have all of the features that SmartGlass has to offer. Some of my favorite items is quick access to media and account information. When I start the SmartGlass app I see my most commonly used items on the first screen, one touch and I am in Netflix browsing with ease. DVD controls are similar to a LCD display universal remote which is a nice touch. (See what I did there?)

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