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Instant Queue 1

My wife and I have converted to pure steaming media for over a year now and I have come to a conclusion. I have a massive list in my instant queue. Some of this build up is anime and old TV shows but there is a good deal of movie that I not gotten to and most of them I have never seen. With this thought clear in my mind I have decided to watch at least one a week and tell you all how it fairs.

Tonight I would like to take a look at “Unicorn City” starring Jon Gries, Devin McGinn and Jaclyn Hales. The basic idea is that Voss, played McGinn is a gamer imageswho hopes to make it in the gaming industry. After he is told he just is not qualified enough he decides to take things to the extreme by organizing a gamers paradise. When his nemesis Shadowhawk, played by Jon Gries, tries to spoil his plan and steal the girl conflict arises and wild antics ensue. Does Voss save the day and win the fair maiden or does he fail and spend his life selling tacos for life? Well, you will have to check it out to find that answer.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. I know that this comes from a huge gaming artist nerd which makes me a tiny bit biased but I will break it down so you can decide for yourself. Lets begin with the fact that this is not an average comedy, if you do not follow geek culture you most likely will not find this funny at all. If you are into table top games, RPGs or both then you will enjoy the “insider” humor. The general feel of the movie falls somewhere between ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ and ‘My Name is Earl’, with a  little bit of ‘Arrested Development’ for good measure. If you are not into these sort of “off-beat-comedies” then I would not bother. If you are a geek, play games and have an odd sense of what is funny, such as awkward silence and coolness fails then check this flick out on Netflix.


Overall Rating for The Instant Queue: 4 out of 5

Thank you for reading,

 Tom Dorsey