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It’s back people. March Madness has taken over your television sets. I’m sure you’ve already seen the basketball brackets being passed around the office. Don’t know anything about basketball? Feeling a little left out fellow nerd? Well rejoice. The good folks at Stars Wars have created the ‘Star Wars Character Tournament’ complete with a really cool bracket that pits the light side of the force against the dark side. Go to the website and vote on head-to-head matchups. The winner moves on while the loser gets exiled from the tourney. Several results are already in and there have been few surprises so far. Han Solo took out Lando in the first round. I was surprised that Han won by such a large margin. After all, Lando played a pretty big part in turning Han into an ice-cube. There’s a great round two matchup I can’t wait to see.  Two heavy weight champions, Darth Vader against Darth Maul. Gotta love that Darth on Darth violence. Click here and start voting!


Who will hoist the trophy and be crowned champion?