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To those who know me well you will agree that I tend to have an “off” sense of humor. I know that many people make similar claims but I tend to find myself alone most of the time. I try my best to tone it down when I am out in public but can get away from me. I think my favorite example was the most embarrassing. It certainly was not the last time I had a burst of misplaced laughter but I think it was the biggest scale.

I was at the theater and the movie I was watching was Spiderman 2. My friend was sitting next to me. The movie was going just fine I laughed at a few things but really it was just Spiderman 2 on opening weekend. Then we got to the part where Peter Parker loses his powers and after some self-reflection he decides that he wants them back. The specific scene I am referring to is when he is on the rooftop and decides to go all in and try jumping. He is happy and really feeling it just then he slips away and falls. The theater is silent and it appears no one found this funny. I figure it typically wasn’t it was a hero struggling to gain his strength back. Anyway as Peter falls he slams into the roof of a car. OK so it must hurt and he just failed, what do I do in the middle of a sold out theater? I burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I could not help it I  also could not stop it either. I was in tears as my friend asked what the heck was wrong with me. I had to get up and leave until I stopped. After the movie was over we went to get a bite to eat and he asked what happened and why I couldn’t stop laughing.

The reason I thought that scene was so funny is that Peter Parker is on some random roof top in New York and jumps off landing on top of a car. If you see the movie you see that it is not an abandoned car but a pretty average car in what appears to be space for multiple cars to park for work. The moment I saw this, the moment he stood up and started to dust himself off I thought about the poor guy who spent all day at work, tired after putting in a full day at barely enough wages to make a living, only to find a destroyed car and no sign of what happened. Not only was this part of them movie not meant to be out right funny, it was also never intended to be this funny nor is that made up in my head scenario really funny to most people. Trust me I have explained it all to many people and few of them get it or find it funny. As I explained it to my friend in the restaurant he didn’t find my thoughts funny or the fact that I was roaring with laughter again especially the part where I was in tears as I explained the little note in the windshield signed “Compliments of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman”

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