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I want to take this idea for giving love to my local are and talk about what I love about Madison and its people. For a smaller Midwestern city Madison has great diversity. I realize this is nothing when compared to cities like Chicago and New York be we still have a healthy variety of people and places here. I want to mention some of these places and maybe some people and definitely some activities that exist in and around Madison that I enjoy and would miss if my family and I were to move away.

Lets begin with the fact that warm weather is slowly on its way and we Wisconsinites are very excited every year. Everyone has their own list of warm weather activities that they look forward to. I have my own list and I know that between general time available, finances and having kids that cannot attend all of them I know that I will not see them all each year. I instead have a list of five warm weather activates I like to do with my family every year. My list is in order of most favorite;

Warm Weather Activities

1)      Farmers Market – OK so many places have this but I love Madison’s style. First it is huge venders of all sorts set up shop all around the Capitol square. Everyone is local and everyone has passion for what they do. You can get everything that can grow in our region, and for the talent gardener/farmer, some things that don’t normally grow here. You can get some of the best meats, cheese, herbs and baked goods the state has to offer. It is great fun for families since entertainment and food is all right there. As a family we love shopping for all of our fresh food at the farmers market in the warm months. The market runs all year but we rarely go on the off season.

2)      Henry Vilas Zoo – I would say this is all for the kids but that would not be entirely true. Madison has been the Henry Vilas Zoo, or back then and animal exhibit, since 1911. Did I mention that it is also free admission? The zoo is supported my Dane County and Madison offering the community free access. Of course they are happy to take donations to help keep things that way and the community is often happy to give. It is a nice touch to have something like this free to the people. It allows families of all walks to be able to see the animals and learn about them and the places they come from.

3)      Olbrich Gardens – A beautiful arboretum that offers viewers a chance to walk in gigantic gardens with a variety of plants and flowers. Their outdoor gardens are vast and have nice paths to walk on. Families can have a fun time outside and you can even get married there. The property has a few unique to Madison structures such as the Thai Pavilion that are fun to see for adults and kids alike. The arboretum offers a chance to see a rainforest like habitat with special plants from many parts of the world. Our kids love it every time and love to see the plants, flowers and wildlife as they learn about them all.

4)      Art Fair on the Square – Even bigger than the farmers market this is a gallery of artists both local and from all over the country and even the world. If I have learned one thing while growing up in the Madison area it is that we are lovers of the arts. This is a fun place to be to see the various works of artists and also to get to meet some of them. It is also a great learning opportunity for children as our arts department in schools all but goes away.

5)      Taste of Madison – In addition to the collective love of art many Madison locals are lovers of food. We have seen a large variety of foods in our city but best of all is our state has started to become famous for “Wisconsin regional” food. I will not get into many details about that now but to see it first hand you can come to Madison for this event and taste it for your self.

Well that is what I want to do so far this summer with the wife and kids. There is a great deal more but it will take planning and money so we will see. I also want report back as we go to these events and give you words and pictures about or adventures. First one will certainly be the farmers market. I also have ideas of what should start happening in Madison like a well organized comic convention that will start to bring in relatively big comic community names. That is all for now I will be posting later tonight to help meet my goal this Thursday.

Thank you for reading,