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Why only four top picks for movies this spring and summer? I have not decided on a fifth yet, that’s why. I normally have a huge list of movie that I want to see and ultimately only see one if I am lucky. I speak of course of theater going. I eventually rent or buy these movies since I know I will want to watch them and it will drive me mad if I do not. I want to keep this short so I will just throw out a straight list no frills. Here we go;


 #1 The Avengers – This has been a long time coming and only falls second to ‘The Justice League’ for all time most anticipated movies in my life.


 # 2 The Amazing Spiderman – I love Marvel almost as much as I love DC. Spiderman is no exception, although he is not my number one Marvel hero he places high and I would like to see an excellent movie with him as the star before I die.


 # 3 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – The only reason this did not rank number two is that I have not read the book. I will be doing that starting this weekend since I have to do it before the movie; it is just what I do. I know this can often ruin the movie but I don’t care I like to get my milk straight from the cow before I see what the market can offer.


 # 4 Resident Evil Retribution – I know I may get guff for this but even my wife thinks Milla Jovovich Is hot and she also happens to be on my celebrity “freebee list”, if you are married or in a long term relationship you know all about this list. Heck I have had a thing for her since “Fifth Element”.


 Well there you have it my top four maybe later it will be five. I know I lied and said it would be a straight list but I never do that. Whenever I say I will keep it short I never do.


 Thank you for reading,