Another quiet car ride. Midnite came along this time. If there truly was a war going on, he knew his neutrality wouldn’t matter. It had only been a few days since John and Perkins had been to the apartment. An Ophanim had been dispatch to ferry Cherry back. John had heard Michael had been sent to guard them on their journey. That meant the threat was very real if the Archangel had been summoned for guard duty.

They went to Cherry’s apartment stopping at the door. All three gave each other a concerned glance. Then they turned around and entered the apartment opposite Cherry’s. The door was unlocked. The place undisturbed save the single soul who lay dead on the floor. His countenance was much fouler than Cherry’s – the demon coming out of hiding as the human shell faded from him. The similar stab wound as Cherry had pierced his chest. The apartment suddenly went dark and a flash of flame consumed the body. Looked like someone granted clearance for Aamon to take his son back.

The three set about searching the apartment but came up empty. Plopping onto the living room couch, exhausted from the search, the three stared blankly at each other. It was Midnite who broke silence first, “So who done be brave ‘nuf to go to war like this? I’m used to a war between Heaven an’ Hell, which is why I setup my place, but a war ON Heaven and Hell? Why? Who would want to risk that? Once you die God no want you and Lucifer, oh, he’d see to your torment personally.”

“Perkins, will the sides withdraw from Earth now? Could this be a ploy to keep the sides away from this realm?” John posed.

“Never. Each sides needs souls, for their own reasons, and CAN’T stay away forever. It’s clearly very risky though for anyone who does come,” Perkins replied.

“So if the threat wasn’t enough to keep them away for good, would whoever did this know that?” John asked. Both Midnite and Perkins shrugged. “Someone has gone to great lengths here. I’m going to assume they would have thought of that. So either they want to keep them away for a certain time while they do something else or kill anyone anytime they do get here – or both.”

John sat back. It had answered any questions, just posed more. John heard a buzz and Perkins reached for his phone. He read a text and became stone-faced.

“What is it?” John asked.

“The Ophanim who took Cherry back up has performed a heavenly autopsy of sorts as they removed the earthly body from the inner, angelic being. One more odd fact was determined from this, that Cherry had no blood left,” Perkins answered.

“Please don’t tell me we’ve got some kind of unholy succubus that feeds only on divine here,” John chuckled.

Midnite replied quickly, “No my friend it is worse. Someone stole the blood of an angel, enough to make many weapons. This is really turning into a war.”

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