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the_walking_dead-1920x1080All things considered I think that these reviews & recaps are coming along somewhat regularly. Last week We covered two episodes and out of the two I loved one, but was on the fence about the second. After talking about with a few other people, I am pretty sure I love them both. This week’s episode was really good. We got answers to questions, decent action a little drama and even tragedy, sort of.


There is definitely a running 5WalkingDead6.2theme of, “who is the next to die”. I think the buzz around this week was partly from the title of the episode. The Walking dead seems to have a habit of naming their episodes with meaning and a double entendre. That last part may not always be true but I think in this case it works. The other reason we had assumed a death was coming was the “leaked” scene of Daryl burning a wrapped up body. Many, or maybe just some, thought this could be Beth.

2064834bd3e9f36814323e81c63afaa4fda357f706febd084db82ce922b760ce_smallThe short and sweet of this episode, is that Carol and Daryl share a few moments and all hope is not lost on finding Beth. If you want the gritty details keep reading because other interesting things happened. The first item to note is that they are back in Atlanta. We knew this from a couple of episodes ago but now more group members have entered the city. When Daryl and Carol seek shelter they end up in a safe house where we discover Carol and Sophie have stayed before. This is one of those double meanings behind the title. Carol is still consumed by her past, unable to save herself & Sophie from her husband. This has started to drive her to want to save everyone at any cost. Daryl seems to show that he cares for her in his own way, that ranges from being supportive to being a jerk. At one point we were ready to believe that the old Daryl returned and was ready to let a kid die. All of the was to prove a point of course, he ends up saving him which will prove useful later.

I do not know about the36789ccd-c2cd-f54e-ebe6-ff10f1c03e72_TWD_506_GP_0703_0106-300x200 rest of you but I like Noah. Now, granted, he was a tad annoying this episode but can you blame him? He escaped from a community that held people against their will, lost Beth in the confusion and was now alone in Atlanta which is still overrun with Walkers. The first interaction we see with Noah, Daryl and Carol is when he steals their weapons and sets tented walkers to keep them busy while he escapes. Oh, and Daryl stops Carol from shooting him. They run into him again right near the end of the episode. They find him trying to run but ends up stuck under a bookcase. You cannot really blame him for being an idiot and a jerk. Noah is still just a kids and I imagine that he is quite scared. In the end he becomes a good resource for the group to make a plan to get Beth back safely.

the-walking-dead-consumedI will be honest, I thought Carol was part of a plan to play decoy. When we saw her on a stretcher in “Slabtown” I thought it was a way to infiltrate the hospital group. That is not what happened, at all. That was the one big “Oh crap!” moment in this episode. I did not suspect any real injury none the less one that could be quite serious. Now the hospital group has Carol and Beth, Rick’s group has Noah to help and it seems another battle is on the horizon. I cannot wait until next week to see what happens next!

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey