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SvB Banner In case it is not obvious, I am a huge fan of comics and the heroes connected to those comics. Every time I get into a conversation about comics with someone new I eventually get asked the big question; Who is you favorite superhero? I often find this to be a loaded question since I do not like to tie myself down to one hero and it can also depend on the scenario. Since most people are not interested in my analysis of each comic hero and their relevance to me I usually give a simple response, Superman. In all honest he is my “go-to” superhero but there is so much more to it than that. That is what sparked my idea for this new series “Animockery Hero Breakdown”. Simply put I will make a string of issues that will pit two heroes against one another in a simple hero vs hero write-up.

Today I will be taking on the big showdown. Just about every superhero fan has had the argument of who is best; Superman or Batman. Today I will tell you what I think, how to these to superhero super stars compare. Keep in mind that this is my opinion and my take on these characters. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this comparison but lets keep it PG, deal?

SupsI know I tend to state Superman as my favorite superhero but I think that is not always the case. The thing is that her represents certain qualities that I hold in high standing. Over the years Superman has sort of gotten a bum rap. I realize that over his existence he has gained a great deal of powers but I want to set that aside and talk about the man himself. The thing that I love most about Sups is that he has the powers of a god and yet he is able to maintain a great sense of morality. He does not use his powers to bend to will of man nor does he kill everyone who does not agree with him. Superman has the ability to conquer the world and shape it as he sees fit. Rather than submit to this temptation he holds faith in humankind to better themselves so long as he holds true to him self and uses his abilities to keep them safe. I have a great deal respect for this since not many people can do this. I doubt many people could remain so pure if given the opportunity to wield Superman’s powers. That is why he is my “go-to” hero, he is the ever true symbol of strength, faith, justice and kindness that could make our world a better and safer place if only we all behaved this way.

One thing that can be said about Batman is that he does what needs to be done. BatsSuperman has a way of letting his optimism  get in the way when confronting evil. Batman on the other hand has a stronger knowledge of the underbelly of this world. He is not a trigger happy nut but he knows that sometimes justice needs to served swift and sever. I think that his lack of super abilities only makes him more impressive since his only root talent to fall back on is his intelligence and resourcefulness. Another one of his top qualities is his strive to better himself in order to complete his mission more successfully. Combine this with Bruce Wayne’s large bank account and connection to get super advanced crime fighting tools and you have a winner. Know I admit part of my love of Batman is rooted in my fondness for old detective novels; but whats not to love? Overall I think he his an epic hero and even though he may push the limits of right or wrong his heart is in the right place. Let’s not forget that Batman does not enjoy this part of the job either, he simply sees an issues and reduces it to the simplest, most effective solution.

If you were to ask my most honest opinion on which one of these heroes is the best in my eyes I would say they are equals. I know that if you reduce it to powers it seems like a no brainer but think about it, they really each excel best in each others respective place. In a fight the winner would likely be Batman, this is because he is rarely unprepared, that said he would simply take out Superman with Kryptonite.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey a.k.a Animockery

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