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Hello all. If you’re a frequent reader, you know Animockery is getting ready to record our first podcast. We need your help. Our first podcast topic centers on the fantastic world of Comic Cons (or other nerdly conventions in general). Animockery and Adrockington will be attending our first Comic Convention in August. This one right here as a matter of fact:


We’re asking our cherished readers to contribute their Comic Con stories. Do you have any advice for the first time convention attendee? What was the coolest thing you’ve seen at a Comic Con? Any plans to attend a future convention? How are you preparing for your big event?

If you send us some feedback and we use it in our podcast, we’ll make sure to mention you by name. There’s a plethora of ways to contact us. @Animockery and @Adrockington on Twitter. Drop us a comment on the Animockery Facebook page. Or take the easy route and comment on this post. We appreciate your comments and look forward to an entertaining first podcast. Cheers.