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Sifl and Olly

Early last week, I was sitting in my office cubicle prison. I was about to fall asleep for the fourth time when an amazing tweet jolted me into consciousness. @Nerdist announced the Sifl and Olly Show was airing on the Nerdist YouTube Channel. What? Could this possibly be the same Sifl and Olly that made such a huge impression on me in college? I raced over to the Nerdist Channel and sure enough, THE Sifl and Olly were back and better than ever. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Sifl and Olly (and their ‘quirky’ pal Chester) are sock puppets. Correction: The coolest sock puppets on the face of planet Earth. Hands down. Undeniable.TheChester last time I saw Sifl and Olly, I was busy flunking out of my second college. I was living in a house with about 90 roommates. Some were cool and some were not. There were only three things we all had in common: love of beer, laughing hysterically at Sifl and Olly, over-analyzing every episode of Felicity. Errrr…forget I mentioned that last one. Sifl and Olly aired over at MTV from 1997 – 1999. It was just really funny weird stuff. Thankfully, creators Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco decided to dust off the socks for another run.

Disclaimer: After I watched the show on the Nerdist Channel, I was hit by a brick wall of truth. Apparently, there is a whole season of new Sifl and Olly shows that aired on Machinima last year. Had no idea. It’s pretty great for me though. I get to consume several episode of Sifl and Olly, drink beer and wonder if Felicity will ever find true love.