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Those who know me well would tell you that I tend to lean heavily to the geek side of things. I take a great deal of pride in that since this typically applies to things that I care about and when I am called a geek in certain categories I would consider this a compliment. Every so often I come across something that gets me all giddy with pride. Yesterday that happened when I came across my collection of NES and SNES games. I have many fond memories of these systems as a kid and I continue to build on those treasures.

IMG_1795A little history about me and gaming, our family started off with pong. I remember it just enough and I remember playing it for a while. I loved to play games and anytime someone had an NES I would be all about playing the games. I eventually struck it big and got my very own SNES for my birthday and after that I was hooked. Of course I still made time for the real things like catching tadpoles and playing with the dog but video games were the greatest! I kept my old SNES for a good while, even after I got my PlayStation. Then my parents split and I went with my mom. I left most of my stuff with my dad that summer and intended on getting it eventually. It turns out that never happened. Before I could save it he tossed the system and the games in the trash and I never saw them again. That is, until I discovered my retro connection. While working for a games store I met a guy who sold old systems, parts, and games out of the basement of his family’s Korean restaurant. David, was the greatest, we were close in age and one of the nicest guys I knew. His collection was ever-growing and he even shared some of his tips on finding stuff on the cheap. Out of respect I will not share that here but it has proved useful. Thanks to him and my lack of spending-sense back then I still have a NES and SNES system and games.

IMG_1793Many of the SNES games I either played or owned as a kid. As for the NES games they are either games friends had or ones I played. I have added some to the collection that I remember thinking were great as a kid but never got to play so now that I can get them I do. I still bust out these games when I have the time and I even play them with my boys. Raeden is a huge fan of retro games, but we limit them to tiny amounts since he is so young.

I will be setting up a little “work cove” in our new house so I plan on setting up things to record game sessions of these games and adding commentary, mostly humor. Let me know if you see something you like or have suggestions on what I should record first. There is also a chance of some two player commentary if I schedules allow.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey a.k.a. Animockery