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Last night my lovely wife was able to get a night out with a friend while I managed the end of night duties with our children. Over all it went really well, our oldest had a little panic attack and needed to be tucked in by mommy. I called her up and she said good night to the boys and they were off to sleep. Our baby girl needed some snuggle time with daddy but she eventually passed out too. I was able to get today’s sketch done before midnight.

On another note I have started writing these mini posts with my drawings and i now do them the night before and schedule them to post the next morning. This seems to be working real nice so far but I have to adjust my phrasing to write it like it is the day of rather than the night before. My reasoning behind this is that posting something in the morning time while written in the night-time and referring to the night of the time would be as confusing as this sentence. Look a fox!

Lil Fox

I fixed the Wacom issue for now. This little guy is done on the Intuos 4 in Photoshop.

I am toying with the idea of recoding a sketch while I do it and I am not sure if it would be worth the effort. The thing is that Animockery has a YouTube account sitting out there and it is never used for uploading, although I found this, which is super neat. So, since I am on the fence on for this I will ask you readers what I should do. Most likely I would start with one of these little avatars and if that goes well and people are interested I would record a comic start to finish. I say this because the avatar type guys like my little fox friend here and Crazy Grandpa Joe are straight on the Wacom drawings where the comic is pencil and paper and scanned in to ink later.

What do you think, record the sketch?

Thank you for reading,