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I can’t believe this little doozy ended up in my grubby little paws. Mannequin is a favorite of mine. It’s true. I’m a huge fan of Andrew McCarthy and his side-kick Hollywooooooood. It’s the story of a dude who falls in love with a mannequin. Kind of creepy right? But wait. It turns out the mannequin comes to life in the form of Kim Cattrall. Even creepier. Just in case I need to make more of a case for this movie, Estelle Getty (the Golden Girl herself) gives a smashing performance as store owner Claire Timpkin. Quintessential 80s film here folks.

I’ve never seen Mannequin 2: On the Move. I’ve been told it’s an absolute turd of a movie. It’s a sequel where none of the original actors (except for Hollywoooooood) reprise their roles. A proven recipe for success. I can’t wait. I will force myself to watch every minute of this train wreck. Why? Because bad movies are almost as good as good movies. Review to follow.