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My family and I managed to survive the weekend and our first day back in her parents house. Many things have happened and it is not likely to slow down for awhile. Now I am sitting here working on my Monday thoughts and is all I can think about is the fact that my birthday is tomorrow. That, and chocolate. Seriously, we hove no chocolate in the house and every time I get stuck writing and I need to think of more words my brain screams chocolate.

We managed to fix almost everything with the townhouse rental. There was a waiting list so we should get all our rent back and we will only lose our security deposit which is a small price to pay to be out of that nightmare. We had everything switched back to our old address. I am in the process of getting out internet set up here so I can work. It is all looking relatively good at this point So i guess I can say I am happy.

As far as my birthday goes I am turning 28 and it has started to get me thinking. Now I know that the half of you who are older will think that I am silly and 28 is so young, but some of you will remember what it is like to hit certain key age markers. For the half that may be younger you may be asking what this old guy thinks is special about 28. The number one thing that has been nagging me about my age is my ten year reunion. My old high school only hosts reunions every ten years and this will be the first time I will see many of my old class mates. Granted that Facebook has changed the reunion but I do not play the Facebook game any more so I am sort of in the dark. It will be interesting to see if that is an advantage or a disadvantage. On the plus side of my birthday my wife says she has a great surprise for me. She also wrote an amazing letter (that can be seen on her blog) to me that amde me feel very loved and that I have an amazing wife. Love you my Chickpea and thanks for all of the support over the years.

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