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Here I am posting two days after I said I would. I planned of talking about my comic’s concept but many thing’s have happened since then. If you have been reading any of posts you would know that my family and I have been co-inhabitants with my wife’s parents.We recently found a town home to rent and live on our own since I have now started my career.

We have been preparing for moving for about a month now. We were approved six weeks ago and payed out security deposit a month in advance and our first months rent two weeks in advance. we live in Madison Wisconsin so first months rent for most places is not due until move in day. I have worked with the rental company the whole month to make sure it would be ready since the previous tenants were evicted and completely trashed the place to the point where it was unlivable. I had informed our landlord that our oldest child Raeden, who is only three, has asthma. We were concerned about the terrible state of the upstairs carpet. They never replaced that part but we decided since they cleaned it it should be OK.

We were all packed and ready to go this weekend and had a truck reserved, internet set up and our address changed. We stopped by on Friday night to set up a few things while the boys were with Oma and Pop pops (grandma and grandpa on mommy’s side). We started to get to work in the new place and saw it was never cleaned like they said it was. The kitchen was a messy which included filthy counters sticky and dirty drawers and cupboards. Then, after we cleaned the coat of grease on the underside of the cupboards, mold. It was all under the sink, covered up by wallpaper with a wood print. We have not moved and started to come the the idea that we are not meant to move out of here yet. I do not know if there are other Wisconsin residents reading this but we here a rather large amount of landlords that complaint that there need to be more laws in their favor and that they have no rights. If you have ever read tenant/landlord laws here you would realize that tenants have little to no rights in the lease agreement. In most cases no matter how bad to some degree you sign a lease you owe the rent for the agreed time so long as the apartment is still standing. Needless to say we do not agree with this since placing out child in this environment would cause him harm. We are going to give these landlords a chance to correct this mistake but the fact it was covered up and they had a month to fix it and there was still a huge list of problems is a bit of a deterrent.

In the meantime I will be here at my in-laws with my wife in kids. I will still post on a regular basis  and try and get my first comic up this week. As far as living space we have thought of digging in here, finding a sublease, after they fix the place, and saving like mad to buy a home. I think this is a good idea and we will have more power as buyers so long as we are smart and safe. I will also post the comic concept tonight since I said I would do that Friday. I hope everyone else had a better weekend and I look forward to really starting to blog more and offer more. I decided to add another post on top of my current Friday mix up and Monday Muse. I want to post about gadgets, gizmos and other technical geekery. It will cover technology and doodads that I like and, if I have money, buy. Have a good evening and I will post again tonight.

Thanks for reading,