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Gotham TonightOn Gotham Tonight, we’re breaking down Episode 2 – Selina Kyle.

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  • Random Topic #1: Fox released a trailer for the first season. You get a sneak peak at what’s to come (including characters we’ve yet to see). If you haven’t seen it, will you watch the trailer? Or do you want to keep away from the semi-spoilers.
  • Random Topic #2: Donal Logue (Bullock) is a very distinguished actor who’s had several notable roles. But did you know, Donal Logue starred in series of early ‘90s MTV promos as Jimmy the Cab Driver?
  • What does the Internet thinks of this episode.
    • Overall impressions, the second episode was better than the first but still a little clunky in places.
    • An episode titled Selina Kyle had very little of Selina Kyle.
    • The audience had to sit through another awkward Ed Nygma scene.
    • The most interesting quote came from AVClub.com.  Tom and Adam discuss.

Things we liked

  • A couple of key references made us sit up and take notice. It’s the first time Arkham Asylum has been mentioned.  We also find out the Doll Maker is behind the kidnapping of Gotham’s homeless youth. In the comic book world, Doll Maker is a serial killer who creates dolls out of the skin and limbs of his victims.  How will the Doll Maker be portrayed on the show?
  • The scene between Fish Mooney and Falcone was excellent. In an effort to reassert his control, Falcone makes an example of someone she apparently has feelings for. This is one of the few scene where the emotion popped off the screen.

Things that didn’t work for us

  • This was another massive ensemble show. The characters we enjoyed the most in the first episode (Cobblepot and Fish Money) had bit parts in this episode. The screen time they had was incredibly strong and left us wanting more.
  • At this point in the story, we could do without Barbara Kean and the duo of Montoya and Allen. These characters have done nothing to advance the narrative. The story grinds to a halt anytime Barbara, Montoya or Allen appear on the screen.
  • Adam agrees with the internet. He walked away feeling disappointed because Selina Kyle episode didn’t do enough of the Selina Kyle character.