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Friends, for the first time since the Harry Potter series I have read a book and seen a film rendition and highly enjoyed both. It may have taken me awhile but I sat down and watched World War Z last night. Apparently I was lucky to do this as I was warned about the film and the lack of “goodness”. I took this advice with a grain of salt and decided to view this and a film based on the idea of the book, this made a world of difference.

WorldWarZ_200-s6-c30 World-War-Z

I ask very little of films in the horror/thriller category. Not too much gore, and that you keep my heart pounding. The rest is bonus, such as decent plot, believability and special effects. World War Z mostly hit on all of these items in my opinion. I was certainly thrilled and at the edge of my seat with tense moments, there was gore but not in excess and the story was interesting. It adds to the entertainment value for me when there is a mystery afoot so that was good too.

In short I was entertained and it is easily worth the time spent and the rental fee assessed. There was only one point in the whole film that I had a “Oh come on, really?” moment. Considering the genre, that is pretty good odds. If you have not seen this flick yet, and you happen to be a fan of the horror/thriller type films, carve out some time for this and just enjoy it for what it is.

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Tom Dorsey