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Untitled-2We all know about it, some have called it a war of the consoles. I have decided that this has gone on long enough to see it as it is, a crusade. Understand that I am not complaining. I find it amusing and I only choose sides in an effort to save money. If I were a richer man I would buy every console that I deemed worthy of my entertainment center. I would also continue to choose side anyway but in this case (the rich, all console owning me) would choose to fuel fires and manipulate the console factions.

Truth be told I am not rich and I will likely choose one console this time around. If I hit the “big time” before or after launch day, that will change, but until then I choose one. If you are a regular you will possibly know who I choose but I will not state it our right at this moment, it’s more fun that way. I will leave you with this; the price game has been a factor for a long time and in all reality things are not that bad. I mad the graphic below to show you what I mean. The only one who has been solid about console creation and fair pricing is Nintendo and that has proven to do well for them. The rest are all over the place and some are not even around any more.

My favorite example for people who are upset about high-priced consoles is this; in 1985 Nintendo released the NES in the USA for a retail price of 299.00. Not bad right? Well, paying that price in 1985 is the equivalent of paying $651.59 for a console today. Just a little food for thought. Rather than bicker over a price, worry about what system is going to serve you best, worry about the price later.

ConsoleThis whole post has me thinking about some other things like Sega that I wan to talk about another time. Until then I hope this was interesting.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey

**Authors note**

The graphic (other than modified images of consoles and logos) is a creation of Animockery Studios. Same goes for the console war banners.

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