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If you read my posted response to the Liebster Award then you know my thoughts on blog awards. I think that I will make one exception in this case since it comes from a talented artist and I have never been nominated for this one. The award I speak of is the Very Inspiring Bloggers Award. This one threw my off since I never started a blog or my sketches to impress or inspire anyone. This all started so I would have a creative outlet that I have had difficulty finding. Since I have not only had the opportunity to share my work and get feedback I think that I at least woe a full response to this award nomination.


Here are the rules of the award

  1. 1.      Link to the bloggers who nominated you.
  2. 2.      Post an image of the award into your post.
  3. 3.      Share seven facts about yourself.

Here is who nominated me

This award nomination was made possible by Kul World Daily Dive, this is the home of some great stuff and amazing talent so make sure that you get over there and check it out.

Seven Facts about me

1.  I won an art contest for the first time when I was in fourth grade.

2. I was born to be a father and when I met my first-born those feelings were confirmed.

3. I may complain, be completely over stressed and never have enough time but I love my job.

4. I am a sucker for a good cheese burger.

5. My ideal place to live would either be US east coast or Ireland.

6. I only have one tattoo and would like more.

7. I want to be a teacher after I retire, partly because I love kids, partly because I am a workaholic.


Here is a list of other bloggers I find very inspiring


I do not want to call this nominated bloggers. I would like them to decide if they want to pass this torch on to others. That said I will call eleven bloggers I think are worthy of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award;


  1. Aliceatwonderland – I have enjoyed every post here and I suggest everyone take the time to stop by and read at least one post.
  2. Blogtoonz – Stumbled upon just today and found some outstanding talent.
  3. The Muffin Tale – This is the home to a very talented person, I look forward to seeing what comes next with every post.
  4. Raising My Rainbow – I find each post her to be inspiring and deserves an award solely for being an amazing parent.
  5. Andy Thomas Illustrator – I have enjoyed the excellent display of talent and presentation of the creative process.
  6. Ethan Castillo – This kid is going to be the next comic super star at the rate he is going. If I had a fraction of his talent at his age I would not be working in IT for a living.
  7. SethSnap – To a fellow mid-westerner I tip my hat to the wonderful photography and example of a true eye for beauty.
  8. Mindless Sketch – I have been following this artist for a while now and continue to be inspired by the skill shown with each post.
  9. Jean a drawing a day – Another daily artist who keeps me going even on days I do not have the energy.
  10. Gerrit Willemse – Just take a look for yourself, this guy should be working for a Square-Enix or something as a concept artist or something. I am assuming that is not already the case but if not he should be.
  11. TwinDaddy – Thanks to TwinDaddy over at Stuph blog I have had the privilege to write out side the confines of this blog. He is also a very talented blogger whose posts I continue to enjoy on a regular basis.

Thank you for reading,