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Today was a work day from hell. On the plus side I have used my powers of persuasion to begin pushing things in my favor. There are a few things I have learned in IT and one of them is that many people in the IT “bull pen” as you could call are more like sheep. Now when I say “bull pen” I mean the Joes and Janes that do the real work around a company. When I say sheep I mean just that. It may seem mean but at the same time it can be true. I have ran more and more meetings as I spend more time in my field and I tend to lean towards to confident side of things. I come prepared and try to answer questions swiftly and with little doubt that I am knowledgeable in my words. This allows me to persuade others with greater ease and in turn gets me what I want. I realize this makes me seem like I may have an evil agenda, which may or may not be true but no one will know until my mission is complete.


Enough about that for now, I have new! My buddy is on-board for a Podcast. Whats that you say?! It is true, we shall be starting as soon as Animockery has a worthy number of followship, do not get me wrong I appreciate every single reader that subscribes to this blog. What we want is a decent sized group to broadcast to. This is due to the fact that we both have extreme schedules and live in different locations. AS far as what we will talk about I do not know. I will present my idea to him next week.


What is my idea? Glad you asked, I basically want to speak as a geek who does not have time to dedicate much time to my interests; how I keep up, how I manage free time to optimize geek related activities and how it impacts me and others like me to have less of that aspect of my life. I think it is important for someone who is an enthusiast of a particular hobby or interest and would be an expert if given the time, to explore that hobby or interest. If we go with my idea it would be a way for others like us to share tips to keep the geek aspect while becoming a father or professional and just do not have the time to truly experience all of it. The Podcast will also include “cliff notes’ on geek topics each episode and I think it would be fun to start taking listener requests on that item.

The point

OK I came here to do the sketch and here it is before I rant too long.

This is not a trick, saw it in the mirror and drew it.

This is not a trick, saw it in the mirror and drew it.

R was the only one who mad a quest drawing this week. He calls this "kinda like skulls?"

R was the only one who mad a quest drawing this week. He calls this “kinda like skulls?”