The Retro Cave: Gamer Commentary

The Retro Cave: Gamer Commentary.

Hosted by: Tom (Animockery) Dorsey

Music: Rob Goebers; Music for a 1950s Video Game; Produced by Schnauzer Studios

The Show: Join me in my crazy adventure though time and space as I play retro games ranging from NES to PSx and add my own colorful (sometimes vulgar) commentary. These are short, fun and video based. The show airs once a week, mostly, and is available here, on the Animockery YouTube channel and can also be down loaded to listen at your convenience.

Previous episodes!

The Retro Cave Pilot Episode

Download Version

On this Episode: I introduce the new podcast and you get to see the basic idea as well as some of the game samples that I may, or may not, be showcasing in the coming episodes. There is not much here yet but this was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to show you episode 1, Metal Gear! (Warning I will be using some “rough” language.)

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