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Expectations were at an all-time high after last week’s episode.  Did Gotham keep the good times rolling with Episode 14: The Fearsome Dr. Crane? Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Not even close.  Major disappointment.

Tom and Adam are attending Wizard World Madison Comic Con this weekend.  Fun times ahead!

Things We Tolerated:

  • For the first time, we witnessed a few horrifying sequences.
  • The Penguin / Maroni cabin scene reminded Adam of the movie Misery for some unexplained reason.
  • Tom tried to find the silver-lining in this episode but couldn’t.  That speaks volumes about the state of the show.

Scenes That Make Us Not Want To Come Back For Next Week:

  • The list is long.  Bullock’s bizarre dialogue, every Fish Mooney scene and  Penguin’s escape from the compactor to name a few.