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Continuing the tale we have a guest appearance by Hans, the owner of the Bistro, in this story guest-starring Joss Ackland (of Lethal Weapon 2 fame). If you want to start from the beginning, GO HERE.


And now, Part 6:


The feeling of someone pawing at him struck John awake. His neck and face throbbed. He tried to react to the hands grabbing at his but couldn’t. He hoped death wouldn’t come too quick, he had an eternity of damnation to deal with. He was sure of that, after letting Angela be taken and the Relics of the Faithful be looted or destroyed.


Soon though he felt something cool on his face. A wet washcloth wiped at his face and a strong hand held his shoulder firmly as he tried to get up. “Still halten,” came a rough voice in a language John didn’t recognize.


“Angela!” he groaned, trying to get up again.


Still halten,” came the same voice, “hold still,” the voice said in a very heavy accented English. “You are very hurt, my friend. You must be still or you hurt yourself more.”


John squinted at the light, trying to look at the source of the voice. One eye was swollen shut. The other ached but he forced it open. John could see an elderly man seated before him. John was in a room on a table. It looked like a restaurant.


“I see those vans take your friend and then nearly kill you. So once they were gone, I brought you to my bistro and closed up for the night. I am Hans. And you are?”


“John,” he said with a groan.


“You are a lucky man, John. God was watching out for you,” said Hans with a smile. John’s vision was clearing, in at least one eye.


God hates me,” John said turning his face away.


Hans leaned forward and despite John’s injuries grabbed him by the shirt to focus his gaze on him. “God hates only evil. And you are NOT an evil man. The ones who took your friend are. Do you have any idea why?”




“Then I will call police and they will help,” Hans began.


“Please don’t,” John groaned. Something in his tone sounded especially needy. Hans seems struck by it.


“You are not an evil man, but I can tell you lived in darkness. I lived in darkness once, but I endured and have made life for myself since. You must do same. We must call police to get your friend back, ya?”


NO cops,” John said angrily.


“Fine then,” Hans scoffed and stood. “You are just one man, you have no guns, what will you do? How will you find her?”


“I’ve faced worse odds and I have to find her, I lov…” and John paused before he could finish. He could tell Hans was giving him “the look.” He groaned a bit and forced himself to sit up. Hans tried to stop him but John wouldn’t have it. “I love her, okay? And it’s my fault she’s been taken. So that means I have to save her. You don’t know the circles I travel in. I know how this goes.”


Hans sighed. “If you insist, but you still need some help,” he said.


John tried to stand and though it hurt immensely he pushed himself through it. “I told you, no cops,” he said.


“That’s not the kind of help I’m offering,” Hans said extending a small bundle in his hand to John. John took the package and unwrapped it. Within was a 9 mm Luger pistol and two clips of ammo. “I was issued this MANY years ago. I never have fired it but would guess it still works.”


John knew guns and these old ones were usually as good as the day they were made. He could check the slide and be sure. “Thank you,” John said. “I have to get going now though, before the trail gets too cold. Thank you for all your help Hans.” And he extended a hand weakly.


Hans took it and looked deep into his eyes. “You can overcome the darkness of your past. You just have to believe,” he said and withdrew his hand. John could feel the transfer and looked down into his palm. A silver cross on a chain.


“Hans I couldn’t,” John said but the old man had already turned and was walking to the back of the shop.


“Go with God, John. He will be a lamp unto your feet and a light onto your path…” and he was gone into the backroom.


John was edgy. He limped outside. Instinctively, he reached for a cigarette and his lighter. He felt an object in his pocket wrapped in paper. He pulled it out, it was a burner cell phone and a note.


“Keep it handy and talk to no one. We’ll be in touch.”


[End of Installment]

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