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Last week’s Gotham was the worst episode to date.  This week’s episode was arguably the best.  Make up your mind Gotham!  Are you a pit of despair or a beacon of light that guides us across the television wastelands?  Dramatic pause for reflection.


Great POW! BAM! KABOOM! Moments:

  • A clear, concise story with none of the clutter we’re used to.
  • A tie-in to Batman: Year One.
  • A crime occurs and we actually care if it gets solved.
  • Scenes that would normally take away from the story actually added some levity.
  • The reintroduction of Bruce and Alfred.
  • Zsasz makes bad episodes tolerable and good episodes great!
  • A telephone booth on the pier.
telephone booth

Pardon me while I make a call in this TELEPHONE BOOTH!

Nice Try Moments:

  • Waste of an interesting character if they don’t bring Flass back.
  • Would have been a good time to wrap up the Fish Mooney story…..permanently!
  • Bullock and Mooney sitting in a tree….

Bring back Flass!