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It was a somber walk back to their hotel. They didn’t speak, just walked, arm in arm. It was dinner time, but neither felt hungry and assumed the other didn’t either. They just went upstairs and went to sleep still wrapped in each other.


Morning brought news anchors from around the world and the city was a flurry of activity. The lack of a formal security force in the nation brought in “interests” from around the globe. Someone with deep pockets wanted to make sure their pockets stayed filled in case the city erupted in turmoil over the events of yesterday. The U.N. even sent a detachment.


John sat up, about to get out of bed, when Angela tugged on his arm. “Not yet,” she whispered. He scooted back behind her, holding her close. Let the world deal with this, he was going to take care of her.


Afternoon came and so did growling stomachs. The mini-bar offered nothing in the way of food, so they decided to just hit up the hotel restaurant. They were sad they did. The lobby was a madhouse. People from every corner of the globe either trying to leave or arrive simultaneously. John and Angela looked at each other, they shared a “no way” glance, and scooted out of the lobby.


Taking a side street that appeared quieter, they saw a bistro that looked open. Both exuded a sigh of relief, but before they could take one more step a pair of black vans pulled up to a screeching halt next to them. Angela instinctively grabbed for the pistol that wasn’t there. John cast an arm over her to move her behind him. With military precision, six men exited the vehicles, three from each. One went to grab Angela and John tried to block him. He let his guard slip too long. A smack from the butt of a gun to the back of the neck and he was out. As consciousness left him, he could hear her screaming as they hauled her into one of the vans and drove off.


The last thing John remembered was fearing that his dreams were about to come true, when one of the men stuffed something in his pocket, and then delivered a kick to his face that put him out entirely.


End of Installment

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