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We’ve got plenty to say about episode 12 on Gotham Tonight!  One of us goes off the rails and finally owns up to not liking the show.


  • Gotham gets a second season.  Will Gotham Tonight?

What We Enjoyed:

  • Unfortunately, very little.  Adam liked the Johnny Cash opening.  Tom didn’t.  Arguing ensued.
  • Victor Zsasz made another memorable appearance.  Is Zsasz the only interesting character left in Gotham?
  • An overhead project makes its debut on the show.  Adam immediately awards the projector with the “Best Actor on Gotham” award.
And the Best Actor on Gotham award goes to.....

And the Best Actor on Gotham award goes to…..

What Stunk:

  • So much!
  • Adam does his best to convince Tom the show is being campy on purpose.
  • Lots of comic book themed television shows out there.  Why doesn’t Gotham follow their formula for success?