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Welcome to our newest tale – Eckersly, WI: Population Change, ZERO

Eckersly, Wisconsin is a place where everyone knows you and you know everyone. Residents affectionately call it “the biggest-smallest town in the north woods.” The odd part is that the town refuses to grow. We’re talking zero growth. As soon as a baby bursts onto the scene, one of the old guard checks out. It’s more than a little eerie. If you heard a rumor that Mrs. Cranston was expecting another bundle of joy, you immediately scheduled a physical and increased your vitamin intake.

Why does this happen? People are encouraged to join and find out. Or you can follow the tale as it unfolds here on Animockery Studios!

Our first post: At Dewer’s Pond –


The springtime air had cooled, which was alright with the trio who sat on the hood of a rusty, tan Buick LeSabre down at Dewer’s Pond. The first two were fair skinned and red haired, the third more tan and a brunette. The scrawny redhead stood and through a rock into the pond and it skipped three times. The other redhead, who was more rotund, seemed to take this as a challenge and stood as well, threw his own stone, skipping it five times. He turned and grinned.


“Why do you have to be such a jerk, Vic?” the skinny one said.


“Because I can, Joey,” Vic replied.


Joey punched Vic on the arm, pathetically. Vic returned it with a meatier blow. Joey was annoyed and in pain and jumped Vic and they began to wrestle about on the ground. The third lad just sat there and watched.


Derwood “Woody” Reese had grown up with the McCloskie brothers and they had always acted like this. He supposed brothers did. But then, he wouldn’t know. Woody was an only child and when he was young had been very shy and bullied a bit. That was until the older Vic, who was in their class but only because he’d been held back (maybe more than once) came to his rescue. They’d been friends ever since. He looked at his watch. The Three Amigos should have been the Four Musketeers, as they liked to think of themselves, though none would admit it aloud. Looking at his watch, Woody could only think – “Where is D’artagnan?”


Our second post – Population change: ZERO


Conrad knew he was late, but that was normal. Having been on his own for many years he was always running from here to there. With his dad dead and mom long gone in her grief since his passing, Conrad had stayed in the families trailer ever since. He was about 15 when she was finally committed and no one seemed to notice, or bother, with the fact that he had no parents at home.


Conrad had gotten a job and paid the utility bill and lease space for their lot in the trailer park and his job at the local diner bussing tables afforded him most of his meals. So between work and school, he was always running from one thing to another. His friends had never minded this and helped when they could. Vic McCloskie had driven him all over creation and Joey McCloskie and Woody Reese always were willing to lend a hand with upkeep on the house.


But today, today was different. He wasn’t at home or school or even work. Today he was at the library. While working on a history project he’d come across town census records. Knowing that his family had lived in Eckersly a long time he thought he’d look his line up. That’s when he found it. Every year a census was performed, the population seemed to stay the same… exactly the same.


Impossible, he thought. He showed this to the librarian who confirmed the authenticity of the book but seemed to forget what he said as soon as he said it seeming unmoved by oddity. How in the world could this be? After hours in city records he had more questions than answers. Then he saw the time. Shoot.


Fun with the guys would have to wait.


[Stay tuned for more from Eckersly as the story unfolds or join in!]