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Welcome back everyone and my sincere apologies for the delay.  Now for the next installment in Once Upon a Time… In Mutant Land!


Titled: Searching for answers


Once Doctor Munroe was finished with the discharge paperwork for Jane, she came back to check on Scott. “Dr. Munroe, I forgot I have a test tomorrow. Do you mind if I leave early to go home and study?”


“Of course not, dear, and thank you so much for your help today. You’re a real life-saver,” Hailey said.


“You’re welcome,” she said with a big smile and skipped out of the room.


She stopped in the hall a second to compose herself and take off the candy-striper vest she wore. She hung it up and put on her game face. Time to work. She went out to her car and drove to her grandfather’s office. He was in some city planning meeting but they’d have to go. She snapped her fingers and fire alarm went off. People poured from City Hall but she caught Charles before he could wheel out.


“Marie? We have to leave. The fire alarm has gone off,” he said a bit agitated she had blocked his path.


“No, Grandpa, everything’s fine,” she said with a direct focus. In Charles’ mind, the alarm stopped.


“Oh, good,” he said. “What can I do for you?” he asked.


“Think…” she said and his eyes went white. Using her powers with what lay dormant in his mind, she searched through the souls of everyone in town. She saw Curt vanish and reappear at the Old Oak Tree. She saw Thomas and Logan fight and then Logan die but be reborn. She saw a distressed Thomas nearly break his prep table and then leave large scratches in the metal surface.

 kurt wagner2

She searched for other instances but could find none. A sigh of relief. But why was this happening and why now? She didn’t feel any different. Nothing had changed. Or had it? She had to figure out but not seeing anything through Charles mind, she was left without direction.


She’d have to catch someone in the act the next time and not come upon in moments later…


She was perturbed at having to wait but accepted it. She’d come this far and knew something like this could happen, but had always hoped it wouldn’t.