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Welcome back to the next installment of Once Upon a Time… in Mutant Land!  In this segment we see how Thomas (a.k.a. Sabretooth) deals with his recent actions.


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Otherwise read on, titled – Out Damn Spot!


Thomas panicked. He ran from James and was back in his kitchen, scrubbing the blood off his hands. When he saw it spreading in the sink with the water, he screamed. He searched around, found a bottle of bleach and emptied the contents into the sink and covered his hands with it. He was breathing heavy and for the moment seemed satisfied with the results when he noticed the blood on his shirt.


With incredible speed, he tore the shirt from his body. He considered throwing it away, realized that to be a bad idea. Instead, he grabbed he ran to the bar, grabbed a bottle of whatever it was he saw first, and doused the shirt with it. He took a lighter from the kitchen and set the shirt ablaze in one of the large metal sinks.


He turned on the exhaust fan and the smoke was whisked out of the kitchen and up through the ducts. He turned around, sat on a stool and rested his head on the large, metal prep table in the kitchen. “Why?” he moaned. “Why?!” he moaned, angrily this time. “WHY?!” he yelled this time and slapped his hands to the table. He pathetically allowed his hands to fall to the sides and heard a screeching sound as they did. It stirred him. He sat up.


He could see the two large dents he had made in the table. He didn’t think he was that strong. Then he saw the scratches. How had he not felt those when he hit the table? Looking to his hands to make sure they weren’t hurt, he could see why – rusty, brown claws were on each finger…


AH!” he screamed and fell backwards off his stool. The impact knocked the wind out of him. He jumped up quickly and went to the sink again to try and wash the claws off, but they were gone. Standing in his kitchen, damp and exhausted, smelling of smoke, he slumped to the floor unable to take the shock of what he hoped was a dream.


[End of Installment]

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