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“Sherlock,” Watson reminded him standing outside Baker Street, “the scenes are old, even for you. Molly has all four ready at St. Bart’s if you’d rather go there first?”


“Yes. Yes.” replied Sherlock “Why don’t people notify me of these things as soon as they happen? This will lengthen the time it takes for me to solve this. Let’s go.” When they arrived at St Barts, Molly was waiting for them.


Molly blushed, as she always did, when Sherlock came in. She knew he was crazy, she knew she was for having anything to do with him, she knew she was crazier because none of that mattered to her. John had texted they were coming and she had all four bodies lined up in a row waiting for them.


She considered offering her input, knew it would be ignored, and let Sherlock do his thing. She sat back to enjoy the show.


“Hello Molly, how are you?” John asked since Sherlock wouldn’t.


They set about small talk, then hushed as Sherlock offered a silencing finger to begin.


Sherlock was in his data-data-data frenzy. He looked over every inch of the corpses, peering closer with his miniature magnifying glass, and taking an occasional smell. John and Molly both knew better than to intrude.

“Bellows,” Sherlock said after a series of sniffs at one corpse. John looked around and found one on the counter and handed it to him.

Sherlock stuck the bellows in one corpse’s mouth and began to pump air into it. The chest rose. “John, now be a good lad and please push on subject ‘B’s’ abdomen, won’t you?”

“Uh, Sher…” John began but he’d decidedly given up asking “why” these days. He just went over and pushed and at noticing Sherlock take a large waft of the ‘exhale’ gagged and had to step away.


“Now subject ‘C’, John,” Sherlock went on, not skipping a beat. The pattern was repeated over each corpse and Sherlock sat back searching his caverns for the source of the aromas…


[End of Installment]

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