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James and Thomas

And here it is, another wonderful installment from “Once Upon a Time… in MUTANT LAND!”

 Once Upon In Mutant Land

In this segment we meet two residents of Unity, N.H. – Thomas Logan, a.k.a. Sabretooth, the owner of Creed’s Restaurant:


 And James Howlett, a.k.a. Wolverine, the town bum and drunk:


Titled: The Classes Battle


Jimmy could hear the crowds cheering. “Morons”, he muttered under his breath. He continued to dig through the dumpster for something to eat. Soon enough, he found his quarry, the garbage from last night’s dinner service at Creed’s – the town restaurant. Tearing into the bags he chowed on bits of burger, cold fries and other assorted leftovers.

“Hey,” came a voice from outside the dumpster, “how many times I gotta tell you? You can’t go in there and I don’t care if you are hungry. Go get a job like the rest of us.” And then a loud bang on the side rattled the dumpster.

Slowly, James peeked his head over the edge and saw who he expected – Thomas Logan, owner of Creed’s. “I’m just trying to get something in my belly, Tommy. Ain’t had nothing to eat in three days…”

“Sure,” Thomas replied, “I can smell the booze on your breath from here. Now get out before I call the sheriff.

“Why would you want to go and do that?” James said falling out of the dumpster.

“Cause you’re a bum and a vagrant, is why,” Thomas answered.

“You don’t have to get so mean,” James said, standing up. “I’m just trying to make my way and things have been tough.”

“Bullshit. You’re just a lazy bum who’d rather drink and mooch off of others than work. So get on or I’ll call the sheriff,” Thomas said angrily.

“Don’t do that,” James said walking toward Thomas.

“Get away from me freak, you stink!”

Stop calling me names!

And the fists started flying. James was in no shape to go fist to fist with Thomas, but that wasn’t going to stop him. A hard left hook from Thomas did though. It cracked his jaw and sent him reeling. Thomas winced in pain as if he’d punched a brick wall. James fell backwards onto a pile of trash and was motionless.

James?” Thomas asked. Seeing no movement and hearing no response he stepped in. He could see the blood pooling already around James’ body. A broken bottle in the pile, the culprit, had by total chance stabbed James in the stomach. He was unconscious and bleeding out. Thomas panicked and ran.

James felt life flowing out of him. He tried to scream, but nothing came out. Then he heard another scream, but this one boiled from within him. But it wasn’t human. It roared like an animal. James felt the roar fill every inch of his body. All his muscles tensed at the same time. He lurched on his side. The bottle shards came out of him. The skin closed up around the gashes. He coughed back to life.

He felt alive, in a primal sort of way, all of a sudden. He stared up at the sky that had just recently turned gray trying to comprehend what had happened.


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