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So after much delay, I’ve returned! I survived the holidays and I hope you did too. While I love the time with my family, I admittedly miss my writing. So, here in another installment from Ongoing Worlds: Once Upon a Time… In Mutant Land!


Titled – Too Much To Bear

Dazed and very confused he stumbled back… into the big oak tree.
What the….?

The change was too much to take and he tumbled over with a loud groan.

This caught the attention of Dr. Hailey Munroe. She looked over to see Curt tumble to the ground, grabbing his chest, and then he was unconscious. Ever vigilant, she grabbed her medical bag and ran over to him. “Someone give me a hand!” she yelled, “I think Curt just had a heart attack!


Everyone was too stunned to respond. People didn’t have heart attacks in Unity. After much delay, only Marie ran over to give the doctor a hand. “What can I do?” she asked.

“Get his shirt open,” Hailey said. Marie ripped it open with her gloved hands – the fashion statement she was known for.

Hailey grabbed out the AED and strapped it to him. THUMP. No response. “Come on, Curt!” THUMP! No response. “CURT!” And she began pounding on his chest manually. The crowd hushed as they could only imagine things weren’t going well. Marie panicked, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Then Hailey felt funny. Maybe it was the adrenaline rushing through her at her first Emergency Response ever. She couldn’t focus on that now, she had to try and save him. But in an instant, she felt things get foggy. She could have sworn the clouds in the sky darkened. Her pupils went white and she and Curt were rocked with an electric shock that sent her flying but jolted Curt to consciousness. He gasped for breath.

Marie ran over to Hailey. “Are you okay, doc?”

“What happened?” Hailey asked.

“The AED must have malfunctioned,” Marie replied.

“It couldn’t have,” she pondered.


Marie looked Hailey plainly in the eyes. Hailey froze. “The AED malfunctioned.”

Hailey sputtered a bit. Marie lifted her to her feet. Others ran to her and to Curt. “What happened?” a random person asked.

Hailey looked at him, “The AED malfunctioned.” Marie just grinned and helped guide her over to a nearby park bench.


(End of Installment)


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