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november-2014-loot-crate-themeVideos are tricky.  It turns out I glossed over a few items during the November Loot Crate Unboxing video.  Haven’t seen it?  Click HERE! November’s Battle themed crate contained a few items that deserve a little more attention.  So let’s revisit the box!

Mega Man Replica Helmet

Each Loot Crate contained 1 of 4 Mega Man Replica Helmets.  I happened to snag the blue helmet.  Yes!  I’m pretty happy it came with a display stand.  Gives it the appearance that’s it’s actually something instead of a thing.  I have enough things but can always use more somethings.

2014-11-23 09.05.37_resized

HALO Metallic Drop Ship Mini Figure

Again with the 1 of 4 theme.  I initially thought this was a HALO grenade full of candy.  I’m glad it wasn’t.

2014-11-23 09.03.35_resized

Street Fighter Arcade Edition Download (Not Pictured)

Talk about value!  This crate contained a code to download the full version of Street Fighter on Steam.  That’s a $20 value people!

The Box?????

One of the coolest items was the Loot Crate box itself.  I’m past the age where cardboard boxes are entertaining….unless it’s a really big box I can make a fort out of.  This box transformed into diorama of destruction!