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My Big Hero 6

If you’re still with me– thank you very much. If this is your first foray into my own first foray into the world of “collaborative fiction” then WELCOME. In previous posts I’ve written on a site I found and greatly enjoy – Ongoing Worlds. The site allows members to join or create stories that are told through posts. This has been a great and mind-opening experience.

Once Upon In Mutant Land

I’ve written a bit more for it, so I thought I’d share more of – Once Upon a Time… in Mutant Land! It is a fun spinoff the popular show, and I’ve run with the idea. So far, we have:

                *Marie Smith – Rogue, posing as the granddaughter to the town mayor

                *Charles Zander – Charles Xavier, is the mayor of Unity, New Hampshire

                *Hailey Munroe – Storm, the town doctor

                *Curt Wander – Nightcrawler, and no, he’s not blue, is the school janitor

                *James Howlett – Wolverine, the town bum and drunk

                *Thomas Logan – Sabretooth, a local restaurant owner


And here is Nightcrawler’s first glimpses at his former power:


Charles was at the gazebo in the park. He smiled broadly as the townsfolk gathered. This was his favorite day every year – where they celebrated the anniversary of the town – Unity, New Hampshire. He marveled at how wonderful the last year had been. One more year with no accidents or deaths. He chalked the lack of disaster to the way they had all decided to live – in peace and harmony.

The police department had little to do in town but pull over the occasional speeder passing through or shoo the regular rabble rousers from skateboarding on the town halls front steps.

Everyone looked assembled and beamed back at him. He looked over to his granddaughter, Marie, who was glowing. She was a wonderful child, though almost a woman. He worried about her and what might happen to her once he passed on. He was getting older – 82 – but still sharp as a tack. Maybe he could live long enough to see her marry, though she showed no interest in any of the town boys. His speech prepared, he began:

“My friends… today, we celebrate the 250th Anniversary of our fair town!” (cheers from the crowd)



Curt heard the cheers from the park. Late again. He was already a social outcast, being a foreigner and a janitor didn’t help. He couldn’t miss this. He ran till his lungs ached. He was still so far away. Nearing the park he cursed under his breath, cars were everywhere and he’d have to run all the way around the town hall. He could picture the route, see it in his mind, see the big oak tree he’d stand against away from the crowd in times like this. He closed his eyes, his chest aching from running so hard.

Then, a startling sensation – everything went grey for a moment. Time seemed to stop around him and he lost all feeling. He felt a scream ripple through him, shake him to his core. And then it was over. He opened his eyes, panting, looking down at the ground. Had he passed out? What happened? He stood to right himself and saw the crowd and the mayor speaking. Dazed and very confused he stumbled back… into the big oak tree.

“What the….? “

You can also read this on Ongoing Worlds HERE.

For more, check out the other tales on my story Once Upon a Time… in Mutant Land! – for Storm, Wolverine and Sabretooth. Or, join me! Either ask to take over a character I’ve written in, or join my tale and choose your favorite superhero or villain and come along for the ride.

Future installments may be copied from Ongoing Worlds to here for your reading pleasure.


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