Battle of Words

 If you’re still with me– thank you very much. If this is your first foray into my own first foray into the world of “collaborative fiction” then WELCOME. In previous posts I’ve written on a site I found and greatly enjoy – Ongoing Worlds. The site allows members to join or create stories that are told through posts. This has been a great and mind-opening experience.


Now, back to the topic of membership. While I love the passion some exhibit in this – I being one of them – some clearly are more than others. Case in point. One of the stories I am in, Blood and Sand, which is formatted in the world of the popular Starz series has an interesting mix of participants. As the story began, the moderators were hesitant to accept characters who were female gladiators. I tried to make one and they denied it. I altered her to be a former warrior, but forced into servitude as a house slave. Another member, while passionate and incredibly knowledgeable on the topic I don’t believe this is the right forum for her. And if she chooses to stay, she either needs to accept the moderator’s rules and/or create a story of her own – something I did suggest to her. Her writing, which is amazing by the way, is in depth, LONG, and written in a scope not common to this site. This led to a battle of words on the site…

Genovefa of Morini

 She offered a reasoning that got her female gladiator accepted. She wrote an amazing intro to her character. She then thrust her character into an understandable but horrendous situation. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that a common occurrence and request from moderators is that if you create a post with ‘adult’ content that you label it as such. Suddenly, the female gladiator was in a very “R” rated scene, and I don’t mean a combat scenario, that would have bordered on NC-17. A new member joined, created a hero-gladiator, who somehow managed to sweep in and try and save the day. This posed two problems:

Firstly, the ‘hero’ here could not have plausibly heard or done the things he said he did.

Secondly, this kind of intervention was not asked for and gets to the standard rule where you don’t control another member’s character.

Edgar of Armetheus III

This didn’t stop and the one who posted the adult scene released a torrent of “how dare you’s”. The hero didn’t defend themselves. And then he left and his posts were deleted. This allows the scene in general to appear flawless to those who have enjoyed it and like looking back or for others just joining to not know of what had transpired.


Needless to say, this made for an interesting read from an outside-in point of view. I was thankful it happened, as it showed me how this universe can be, be moderated, and be a part of from multiple angles. More on other experiences later.


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