If you’re still with me– thank you very much. If this is your first foray into my own first foray into the world of “collaborative fiction” then WELCOME. In previous posts I’ve written on a site I found and greatly enjoy – Ongoing Worlds. The site allows members to join or create stories that are told through posts. This has been a great and mind-opening experience.


I’m going to detour a bit from the member experience a bit to promote my newest story – Once Upon a Time… in Mutant Land! This one hit me fast so I ran with it. For a fun spinoff the popular show, I thought I’d try my hand at this tale. Utilizing the concept from the show, I wondered – who else could be put in a situation like this? Why not superheroes?


So, as the intro says:

“Come to a place where everything seems perfect. It’s called “Unity” for a reason – Unity, New Hampshire – a picturesque city in the woods of New England. But one day you notice something new, something very different. You are suddenly able to do something you’ve never done before, maybe you just read someone’s thoughts or lifted something impossibly heavy. You try to do it again, but no luck. But you are sure you just did something amazing. But how? Unravel the secrets of Unity, New Hampshire and find out.”


In this tale, as the Game Information page goes on to say:

The legions of the Brotherhood of Mutants converge on Alcatraz to stop “The Cure” from ridding mutant kind of their abilities. As the battle ensues, Rogue sees Wolverine struggle against the mind blasts from Jean Grey, a.k.a. Phoenix. Her teenage crush on him takes over, she rushes through the chaos of swirling mass around them, sneaks up on Jean and embraces her – barehanded.


A nearly cataclysmic wave erupts, debris fall from the sky that once churned around everyone, and Rogue is now enhanced with telepathic and telekinetic powers like Phoenix had. The surge of power within her corrupts her mind. The scene is still in turmoil. She looks over and sees Leech, a.k.a. Jimmy. Forcing him into a near comatose state, she is able to get to him with her power intact, absorb his power as well, and is enhanced even further.


The X-Wing arrives, pulls our heroes to safety and the X-Mansion, and the authorities arrest most of the Brotherhood of Mutants. That night, Rogue dreams. She is tormented by her power. Her only solace comes to her – she now has the power to stop it all, to stop all the infighting. She goes to Xavier with an idea; she can now negate all mutant’s powers and convince them they never had any. Won’t that solve everything? He is horrified at the thought. He immediately reads her mind and sees the rising darkness within her. But it is too late. In an instant, the theory is tested on him and he is left a normal, old man, in a wheelchair.


Over the next few months, Rogue uses her powers to move all these altered mutants to Unity, New Hampshire. Everyone is convinced they are normal people, with no powers, or memories of having any. Feeling guilty about brainwashing Xavier, she sets him up as the mayor of town and she his ward and granddaughter. Her impact seems permanent, just her presence in town seems to keep their powers and new minds as such.


But one day, you (whatever character you play) notice something. A power or a skill you’ve never had or dreamed possible. Just a little hint at who you really are. This is enough though to make you very curious and search for answers.


You can play any character from the Comic Book Universe, but please keep it to well-known characters. Take them and place them into some normal role as some average person. The story will evolve where you search for the truth, explore your power – which seems to grow very slowly, and discover who each of the residents really are. Memories return as flashbacks and dreams, you find your former self – be it hero or villain, and rise against the power that once bound you.


I really hope people find this one interesting. I could provide some delightful commentary and a lot of laughs.

More on the member experience later – I promise…

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