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Gotham Tonight

Gotham’s District Attorney, Harvey Dent is ready to go to war.

Gotham Tonight – Harvey Dent: MP3 Download

Tom and Adam sink their teeth into Episode 9: Harvey DentDisclaimer: Please check with your dentist before you decide to sink your teeth into any show. Gotham is not for the weak-toothed.  Stick around for the end of the show.  We’re going to check in with The Flash.  Now there’s a show that deserves a podcast!

Fun Opener Items:

  • Real life psychiatrists were asked to decode Bruce Wayne’s emotional problems in a recent Wired.com article.  Click HERE for the full read.  There’s an interesting tidbit of information Adam and Tom are happy to spoil.
  • DC released a comic book adaptation of a lost Batman ’66 episode that introduces Two-Face to the television series.  Check out the amazing cover from the amazing Alex Ross.  Amazing!

Batman01What We Liked About This Episode:

  • This episode was all about Selina Kyle.  One of the few character’s the writers have kept shrouded in mystery.  We finally learn what makes Selina tick (sort of).
  • Bruce and Selina’s instant bond injects a little emotion into the show.
  • Penguin continues his rise to the top.  We especially enjoyed his witty banter with Fish Mooney.
  • Knock knock knocking on Arkham’s doors!!!!!
  • Harvey Dent and that neat little coin trick he does.

D.A. with a split personality.

What We Didn’t Like About This Episode (We’re Looking At You Barbara):

  • There’s no way Barbara knows how to spell Zsasz.  Implausible.
  • Was that suppose to be a cliff-hanger?
  • Wayne Manor seems like a bad place to keep a witness safe.  Too many security flaws.