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My 4 Games

Now that I’ve offered an intro to Ongoing Worlds and if you missed it, read it here…, a little more on my experience. I am in a number of stories for the rest of these posts I will continue to call them stories and not “games” as the site does. I am moderating a modern, supernatural tale called “Eckersly, WI: Population Change ZERO” and a Steampunk story based in the world of the Deadlands RPG Setting called “Out of Darkness: A Steampunk Adventure”. I am also a member of a sci-fi/adventure/comedy story called “Charon” and a Roman epic based on the gladiators of Capua in “Blood and Sand” intended to mirror the recent miniseries on Starz. And yes, I do like diversity and have an addictive personality. I’ll probably run and/or join more, but since I have a post history to comment on with these, we’ll start here.


First, on moderating. I’ve run tabletop RPGs before and am quite good at it. The problem I have is that my interests tend to be obscure. While Steampunk is rising in popularity, just the tag of it will drive some away from “Out of Darkness.” I shot myself in the proverbial foot again since not ever Steam-punker has heard of Deadlands. And not every RPG fan has even heard of Deadlands and not ever person who has played Deadlands is into Steampunk. Taking all that in, it has attracted four other members.


One of the members is a friend of mine. He’s a great guy and someone who played the tabletop game with me before. I took the campaign we played and am trying it out in this format. That desire is what led me to the site. He has given me his blessing to use his character as I see fit. He never posts anyway and I’m not sure if he even reads the posts I write, but we all have our own lives. So, no worries Tino (his handle).


Between the other three members, Tino, and myself the story has had 95 posts to date, 5 total members, 11 characters, and has been an exercise in patience. I forgot when I started this back in late August that not everyone would be as passionate about this as I was. Would people like it? Would anyone join? I was shocked when Tino appeared interested to join and even more so when my first two members joined in roughly the first week the story was created.


But then the exercise in patience


I was ready and able to post and post often. I forgot that other people have lives and may not post as often as I wish they did. I had to summon my inner David Carradine and wait and not just jump on to some other project. I am very glad I did. It has been through meeting other members that I’ve gotten more ideas, found out about other stories out there to join, and explored the depth that the site has to offer.


I am very glad I did. More posts will follow, not always daily but at least weekly on my personal “Writer’s Experience” as it has related to Ongoing Worlds.

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