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sb10067155f-001I have always been fond of maps, globes, old maps and especially fantasy maps. Looking at old maps and fantasy maps really allows for some creative thought. There was time, when a Role Playing Game would come out for pre-order, the special bonus for that pre-order would sometimes be a cloth map. When this would happen I would jump on the opportunity to buy the game in advance. My only wish was that I had held on to those items.

Recently, I have thought about other worlds and the possible landscapes that they could have. I like to imagine the different types of climates and people who inhabit them. There would be strange and fantastic animals, plants, wild jungles and dark mountains.  A whole new world waiting for exploration, the possibilities are endless! The best part about all of this is the people, and the stories that go along with them.

I started a project based on this idea. So far is all I have is a rough sketch of the world. I am not even sure of a name yet, but I know that ideas have started pouring out for kinds of wildlife and people who inhabit the world. I have thoughts of governments, religions and various cultures that I want to expand on. Soon I will start to flesh out these ideas, give them life through drawings and stories. It may only by a map and ideas for now but maybe I can start to make something interesting.


Sorry for the poor image quality, my scanner is not working at the moment.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey