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Constantine - Season 1

Papa Midnite

Constantine, Episode Three: The Devil’s Vinyl

Well everyone, I think we finally have a winner. This was the first episode I thoroughly enjoyed. It had everything; flashbacks – always a favorite of mine, mystical artifacts – and multiple of them, and it introduced a recurring antagonist – Papa Midnite.

Until now, Constantine had left me wanting. But no more, it just left me actually wanting to watch another episode. Why the delay to release a really interesting episode? Maybe they wanted a slower build, not wanting to peak too soon, but they are offering a niche interest and so far NBC has only an advertised eight episode run, so they did take a chance in waiting. And in the last installment in the series it paid off.


Constantine Voodoo Doll

I was drawn in from beginning to end. We are drawn more into John’s world. We got to visit the Mill again-his magical HQ in the woods – which is fascinating without being hokey. Chas made another appearance and I hope to see him more. Zed partook without holding the spotlight too much, being too cliché in any of her functions and they have decided to avoid the sensual possibilities at least one more week – which is fine by me. We get to take a jaunt to several locales, see some other actors you’ll recognize from bit parts in other shows and movies, and meet Papa Midnite.


The real Papa Midnite

The one disappointment I had was in his performance. In the scope of the show, it wasn’t surprising how they chose to portray him. I had really hoped they’d lean more toward Djimon Hounsou’s portrayal from the movie version of Constantine. Not necessarily the neutral night club owner, but a bit more mystical. In this episode, Papa is just a gangster with two idiot henchmen and who has at least one mystical weapon.

The storyline, like last week’s episode, still felt a little jumpy. With the necessity for commercial interruptions, the show is squeezed into a 43 minute slot. I don’t know if it could save itself getting a few more minutes, but again like last week, the slide down the hill after the climax felt rushed.


They need to slow down the ending…

Overall though, this installment took a turn toward the better. I enjoyed it more than last week. I look forward to next week.